Convo between me and ex is he trying to get info or me? Could we ever work out again if so how?

This is a convo between me and my ex last night. Im M. is he trying to find info out like if im with anyone? He initiated first after breakup and every week getting more, and besides when I did.
What's up?
M;Not much, playing a game lol
Lol ohh
M;Lol yeah pretty lame right
I'm already in bed so that's more exciting than my night
M;It's a game on my phone so it's pretty lame. I'm right there with you
No you're not, you're at home haha
M;Haha well duhh, but It's not more exciting than what your doing.
Ehh, that's until all my hoes come over later
M;Haha you got that hotline bling? 🙄
1 (800) LETS-FUCK
Damn, that's too many numbers
M;Lmaooo what a creative number, did you just think of that
Yes lol
M;Haha so not creative enough
Don't be jealous
M;Lol I'm not
M Could probably think of a better name. Hmm
You probably have your own hoes by now
Sorry to interrupt lol
M;Yeah, lined up around the corner. They taking numbers
So I guess they're giving you everything you need now lol
M;Yeah, and more lol
Oh well
I guess you're all set now
M;I'm kidding about that lol
Either way
"Get ittt"
M;Yeah ok lol
Huh? Lol
You mean to tell me that with all these guys you're not getting it? Haha
M;Yeah so much
M;? lol
Nice job getting it lol
M;Oh god lol
At least things are good for you in that department, there's no hope for me lol
That's weird lol
A laugh and an uncertain face
M;I thought it was a sad face
No, that ones half-sad lol
M;Dammit, I can't even emojii right!!
At least you're getting some lol
M;Oh yeah, I have to be grateful for that
M;I guess
M;Nothing just saying
Just saying what? Lol
M;Lucky lol
What's your secret? Lol
M;Charm lol
What's that? Lol
M;Just me being me
I guess I've got no chance then lol
I give up
M;Is that better?
M;You are aware I'm kidding right
m Fall asleep?
I guess so
Although what you do isn't my business lol
To me it sounds jokingly like he is trying to get info out of me but I don't know. Like is aid since break up a month ago he has initiated contact all times exceot a few. Asking how i am doing and seeing what I am uo to etc. Just random convos whihch usually end up me sayiong nm watching tv etc. I do miss him a lot and hope that we can get a second chance. I feel like there could be. In my heart i do although it sounds weird but it doesn't feel over. Someone help can I get him back and what is this?


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  • This sounds so awkward. Exes are exes for a reason. Just let go and move on

    • You are telling me, and it is very much confusing. I know what everyone says ex are ex for a reason but I would give another shot. He was very stressed/depressed from no job etc and everything got to him. Not sure if he is feeling like it was amistake or misses me or what.

    • It doesn't really matter. Just move on from this kid

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