What does my Ex want?

A few months ago, my ex fiance left me after a major fight. We were in a long distance relationship for nearly 3 years (best friends 5 years prior), where I would travel to her. In total, we have lived together for 6 months where I would return for study. She hasn't been able to get into the country due to visa rejections which made a major strain on our relationship for the past year. Prior to her rejections, our relationship was what you would find in fairy tales.

After the break up she maintain contact with my close friends. She has never met them in person, and would rarely talk to them. Since the break up she now maintains regular contact with them and informs them that it isn't a good idea to contact me when asked. When I reach to her, she ignores me.

It bothers me that she pursues to remain in my circles after she left me, when she has very little history (if any) with them. I can't tell her who she is allowed to talk to, but I feel like I am being hounded. What is she doing?


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  • She's probably just trying to see if you're thriving without her. My ex did something very similar. Maybe she wants to know if you're suffering so she can feel better about the breakup, or maybe she just wants to know that you're doing okay but thinks talking to you will make her have feelings for you again. She's keeping tabs on you.


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  • Could be yes but it could be no... maybe she's into one of your friends.. who knows


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