Is it normal for your heart to race when seeing a ex girlfriend or?

Ok so i was at work 2ppl in a car started looking at me... I don't know if it was my ex or not but i just looked back at them for a few sec waved hi and left to do some work. Extrea detail me and myex were
Forced apart by her parent's over a year ago.. her mom died this year and i almost lost my sister to cancer this year. I have accpeted a long while ago i won't be getting back with my ex girlfriend ever. However i will be moving 5 house from her since our old house burned down funny right? i have dated since our break up but didn't work out.. i have even met a friend i like who i get along so will worth.. and she just makes life fun. Aug 25 will make it 2yearssince our break up.. i was in love with my ex but jt really doesn't bug me anymore.. does it suck yea but gotta accpeted it for what it is.


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  • Not sure if its normal, but it happens to a lot of guys...

    Its like a passing wave on anxiety or an attack or something... It really sucks...

    I am a lot better now, It takes me a few minutes but I calm myself down then I am okay.

    I feel really sorry for the rest of your life man, I do hope it gets better... Try to make the best of your situation, help others, be a role model?


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  • It's only normal if deep down you still have some feelings for her


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