What if you just can't avoid your ex even if you want to?

My ex is in my section and continuously keeps flirting even if I don't won't to flirt. She pokes me a lot and sometimes it is irritating. I have very little feelings for her as she broke up with me while I had no intention.
Fine, I will add more info. I want to move on but she does not let. I am flirting with another girl she comes in between and i lose contact with the other one. My break up happened like this. My friends became jealous and then added obstructions in our path and finally we broke up. I did not want to make up with her again as i thought that if she trusted MY friends more than me why should I go back to a woman like that.


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  • My ex who dumped me texted me earlier, I never texted her back. Don't encourage her if you don't want to talk. Tell her off that may work. This one you can use but can bring you negative attention, "utter threats".


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  • Then don't spend too much time in the hallways between classes.

  • lol you are 13
    no worries trust me


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