My long term boyfriend has just broken up with me because he needs time to sort himself out because he feels we are so young and wishes we met at 25?

a few days ago my boyfriend of two years said to me that he thinks he needs some space to think about what he really wants , he said he was so confused and is still in love with me but thinks we are so young ( im 22 and he's 24) and have our whole lives ahead of us. He said that he has felt unhappy for a few weeks which was news to me because i didn't expect it at all... i think that is the hardest thing that i didn't see it coming. We werent fighting regularly or anything but i can tell he just got cold feet about marriage and the future because he has a lot of older friends that are getting engaged and starting families... he told me he knows that he's probably going to regret this because he knows he will probably never find anyone who loves him as much as i do and does the things i do for him but he needs to see for himself if time apart makes him miss me. this is so hard for me because i obviously love him more than anything and Im not angry at him for wanting a break because thats just how he is , he doesn't like to feel trapped or smothered even though we only saw each other 4 times a week when all of our friends in relationships lived out of each others pockets.
im finding it really difficult because my four closest friends are all in serious relationships and they are very supportive of me but i know they can never understand until they too were in the position.

half of me thinks that if i give him his space, in a few months time he will realise that he has thrown a great thing away but he's also considering going to Europe in September and i can tell this is something he felt he couldnt do with a girlfiriend not because he wanted to get with girls but because its hard to enjoy yourself when you constantly are checking in back at home

i know i didn't do anything too make him feel this way it was just his own personal commitment issues because he feels we are just too young and has always said he wishes we met when we were older.

any advice would be great


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  • This stage of love is known as 'falling out" . In the beginning people refuse to see or acknowledge their partner's mistakes but after a while they start getting discomforted which eventually leads to break up. Either that or it is peer pressure or he is just not getting much attention by you. What you should is ask him if age is more important than love or what can you do to repair your relationship if it is something else. Try to convince him about the age thing. If he was truly in love with you he would not have considered it or he is just finding any reason to break up due to the 'falling out' period.

    • he is quite possibly the most stubborn person that i have ever met and i new thatt he was damaged when i got with him but like any girl, i thought i could change him. he told me that the past few weeks he would wake up and say " of course i want to be with her" and some days he was excited to see me and other days he would just rather be alone. now he wants the time apart to see how he feels when im not around because we haven't been without eachother for two years. he wants to make sure that he loves me and wants to be with me for the right reasons not because we are just comfortable and in routine. thank you for your input i do appreciate it

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  • Personally, I'd respect his wishes and move in with your life. I wouldn't put my life on hold for a guy who felt indecisive about being with me. He either wants me or he doesn't.

    Someone who genuinely loves you won't leave you. If a guy didn't aprreciate my presence then I'd make him aprreciate my absence by moving forward with my life... without him


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