Is it okay to Re add an ex on Facebook after some time has passed?

My boyfriend re added an ex on Facebook after about 4 years after their mutual breakup. She is now married. They have mutual friends but I still don't think that makes it okay especially since there relationship was serious. I think if he were already friends with her, it would be a different story and I wouldn't have an issue with it. But this is a situation where they broke up, had zero contact for years and then suddenly one of them decides it's okay to become friends on social media. Even if it is a harmless add, isn't it inappropriate?


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  • I personally don't like it. But my view with exes is once they become that I'm done. I wanted them as a girlfriend and to be regulated to a friend afterwards. Your either my girl or nothing. I think it's more troubling that he thought about her enough to think about doing that.

  • It is inappropriate if it is done with a conscious disregard for your feelings.


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