Should I continue my relationship and if I stay how can I get over the issue?

I have been in a relationship for 10 mths and my boyfriend cheated on me because we have been arguing a lot. We argued over how i was acting because i have add and at first i was all hyper-focused on him then i started showing less and less affection.. I just can't seem to get over the cheating i have mixed feelings about everything.


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  • I do not believe in forcing a relationship to work. Either it works on it's own or it doesn't. I don't understand why people bend and contort themselves to fit a shape they don't just to make a relationship with someone they are not fully compatible with work. If it isn't working, then it doesn't work!


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  • If you can't get over it ( and I wouldn't blame you!) it's gonna be hell and much disappointment. Once the trust is gone it's hard to re earn it. Do you want to live with this hanging over you for the foreseeable future with this guy?


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  • I feel you on that, if he is willing to do whatever it takes to show you he is truly sorry for what he did than I'd say you can start to rebuild trust. I mean a person needs to take responsibility for their actions, it won't be easy but if their is open and honest communication and he truly does have feeling for you in that nature than you can both work at healing.


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  • CHEATING is a big no. you should say good bye to him. unacceptable.


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