My girlfriend broke up with me and now I'm confused?

so my girlfriend broke up with me saying that she wasn't happy and that she thinks we are just meant to be friends. She also stated that she does have feelings for me and that she needs time away from me. We can message each other and not blow each other's phone up but we can't hang out. Said that as friends, we enjoyed each other company more and since we broke up, things haven't been the same. She requested time away from me and that's what I'm giving her. But what confuses is the fact that she can't answer my question. I asked her if there was any chance that we could be together down the road and if we can start being in a relationship again. She keeps telling me to stop pressuring her and she's not ready to answer that question. Why does give me that answer if she thinks we just meant to be friends? i just want a yes or no question and she's not giving it to me. Is she playing games or something? i really love this girl but I find no reason to hope for something if she's not looking to be with me. Any inputs would be appreciated. Thank you.
My girlfriend broke up with me and now I'm confused?
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