Ex girlfriend gives me tmi and still contacts me?

My ex and I broke up in Feb. We do talk quite a bit. It was a mutual break up. She lived in neighboring states but distance is what did us in. She calls me every morning and we talk for a while. She is seeing someone new and he moved in rather quickly. She contacts me when he is not around but when he is in the house she goes dark. She calls me for my opinion on things and to share info. Maybe I will get a text here or there and usually a good night. When he left earlier this week I got a phone call a few minutes later. Now we do have feelings for each other but says she loves this guy. So why do I feel like she wants more.
Also I don't hear from her all day and then get a text Hiiii I figured I would say Hiiii.
She also asked me my plans for memorial day and did I maybe want to get together. I am not sure if she is serious or not.


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  • Just being friendly.

  • she wants to fuck you.


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