I'm going to get straight to the Moral Of My Story. I've Been In A Relationship with My Kids Father For Seven Years & We've Been Living Together For Six Years. Now He Is Ready To End Things , But He Want Us To Still Raise The Kids Under One Roof !!! I TRULY Understand Where He's Coming From. But I Know Myself, I Will Not Be Able To Be Truly Happy Knowing He's Talking To Someone Else Every Single Day& Putting His Time & Energy Into Someone Else & Not Me! In Order For Me To Be Happy I Have To Be Out Of His Space because I Won't Have Anything To Get Upset About. But At The Same Time I Don't Want the Kids Going Back &Forth From One House To Another. By the way I Am Currently Pregnant & We Already Have Two. So y'all can Imagine The Emotional Rollercoaster I Am On Right Now 😞😖 ANYONE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT WITH RESPECTFUL OPINIONS PLEASE!


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  • I think he's wanting to raise the kids under the same roof because 1. its cheaper, 2. He will still get to see the kids everyday, however you have to move out eventually it'll never work, what is he expecting when you meet someone else that he will move in so you all can be one big happy family? or vice versa- No, hell no. You two need to have your own space, for the sake of your kids and your next one.

    • Lol I Don't Plan On Talking To Anyone Else Honestly , If It's Not Him Then I'm Okay& The Plan Is Not To Move The New Person In , He Will Just Be Moved On w out Them Living w one another. & Thanks Girl !!

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  • See if you can talk honestly about your problems and try to make it work. If you just want to end things, then you can't keep staying under the same roof.

    • We've Talked sooo many times & he don't understand where I'm coming from & it's him that want to end things. So I just finally let go & thank you girl !!

  • It's a complicated situation, do what you think is best for you and your childrens.

    Also, Can You Not Type Normally, It's Really Distracting.

    • I Am Glad Someone Said It

    • Yea It Really Is Complicated & Srry My Typing Was Such A Distraction Lol. Jst Wnted people to undrstnd wht I was saying. I hpe this was better lol.

  • My kids adapted to mine and their dad's divorce pretty well (they were 7 and 16 at the time). They go back & forth between the 2 places and it's no big deal. He recently got a girlfriend (we've been divorced 2 years--my choice). I just told him to choose his next partner wisely for the sake of our youngest. It's a little weird having another woman spending time with my kids but thankfully I think she's a decent person

    What I'm trying to get at is kids are more resilient than we give them credit for. You won't be able to stay under one roof indefinitely, I guarantee it.

    • Thank you sooo much ! I feel like a lot has came across my mind reading your words which is from experience. Our kids are 2&4 going on 3&5 by the way , I don't think I'll be able to pull this off until all three are eighteen lol.

    • Especially since they're really young, they won't know any different. Maybe for a short time in the beginning but they'll get over it. I know it's very hard though. It's easier for me to say I think cause mine are a little older and they could easily express their concerns (if they have any) and their joy to me.

  • You leave, why is this even a question?

    • Lol Thank You Girl !! & Honestly It's A Question Because I Can't Even think Straight Right Now My Head Is All Over The Place & I Feel Torn! I don't want our kids bouncing from house to house , but at the same time I feel like if I stay I will be allowing him to Have His Way On Both Ends! I don't know Difficult Situation.

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