Am I judging him too quickly?!?

So, in the beginning of second semester, a new kid moved to my school. We don't get very many new students at my High school, so he still doesn't really have any real friends from what I can tell. However, the kids he is choosing to hang out with in class are idiots. It's all the stoners and snowboarding obsessed apes. To be polite.

The new kid, I'm pretty sure he likes me. But I'm not interested if he's going to spend his time with losers who will never pass high school, and think they're hot sh*t when they're really just obnoxious(yes, that is probably spelled wrong!).

He seems really nice, and is so cute. But I can't like someone with idiot friends, because your friends make up a huge part of who you are.

Am I judging him too quickly, or should I give him a chance.

That last sentence didn't really make sense, but you get what I mean, ha ha


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  • As much as you like anyone, as sweet or funny or cool or understanding as a person may be, you will never change them and will find no quicker way of getting rid of him than seeming to want to change who he is hanging out with.

    Quite frankly, the 'stoners and snowboard obsessed apes' are very often the ones who are not so quick to judge and accept others more easily. A lot of times, people who are new kind of outgrow that group and gravitate towards others who share more of their interests.

    Be friendly and a little flirty if you like him, but take a wait and see attitude towards things. See if after a bit of time to get to know more people, he turns out to be a stoner or knuckle-dragger, or if he starts to gravitate towards a different group, or if he develops a mix of different friends.

    Nothing helps a guy evolve in his tastes more than the possible interest of a girl. If he finds his current group of friends are ruining his chances with girls he is into by acting like obnoxious idiots, he may decide to move on from them. If, on the other hand, they do nothing wrong and they're cool to her but he feels the girl is just judging them, he will be even more loyal to them and write the girl off as a snob who will probably judge him at some point and not worth the drama.

    Also, don't dismiss all of those "snowboard-obsessed apes" - some of them may have some substance but just enjoy snowboarding! But avoid the stoners since you will definitely irritate them as much as they irritate you.

    • Thanks for voting best answer! How did things turn out? And you DID spell obnoxious correctly, lol!

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  • he mite be a jackass but he likes you...

  • When you are new to a school it takes a while to find the right crowd, you could be the right crowd, birds of a feather flock together, he will find people who have similar interests, views, etc, its a natural process, get into him, before someone else does, if his new friends are a problem then you need to decide what is more important to you the person or his social peers, it won't last forever, school will end and people go their seperate ways.


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