Am I judging him too quickly?!?

So, in the beginning of second semester, a new kid moved to my school. We don't get very many new students at my High school, so he still doesn't really have any real friends from what I can tell. However, the kids he is choosing to hang out with in class are idiots. It's all the stoners and snowboarding obsessed apes. To be polite.

The new kid, I'm pretty sure he likes me. But I'm not interested if he's going to spend his time with losers who will never pass high school, and think they're hot sh*t when they're really just obnoxious(yes, that is probably spelled wrong!).

He seems really nice, and is so cute. But I can't like someone with idiot friends, because your friends make up a huge part of who you are.

Am I judging him too quickly, or should I give him a chance.
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That last sentence didn't really make sense, but you get what I mean, ha ha
Am I judging him too quickly?!?
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