Does he not care at all?

My boyfriend and I broke up 5 days ago. This is a high school relationship. Our relationship was perfect he meant so much to me. 2 weeks before the break up my boyfriend wanted to have sex and I refused. This wasn’t the first time he went slightly far and I stopped him. Usually when I stop him he apologizes and doesn’t go there again. About a week exactly before the breakup it seemed as if he was trying to avoid me everything changed. I thought I meant something to him because his friends tell me he used to talk about me all the time, he’d bring me up in the smallest conversations. He defended me against everything. He did the smallest things to take care of me without even telling me about them. He’s not even the slightest of a flirt and rarely gets interested by anyone. His friends were shocked when we got together because of this. The day of the breakup I messaged him a very long paragraph about how he’s been acting weird and I feel like he doesn’t care about me anymore and he ended it right there. He said it wasn’t working and he thinks were done. The same day he posted a picture of himself and another girl with the caption my new girl and told all his friends he left me finally and they could have me now. Apparently after the day I refused him sex he told his friends he was done with me even though I noticed no difference in his behaviour. This could be incorrect though because the person that told me wasn’t sure when he said so specifically. I just don’t understand did I not mean anything? Did he not care at all? Why did he do this? How can I make him miss me?
Does he not care at all?
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