Can I ask ex to dinner or drinks? I feel like there is a 2nd chance but some say no but in my heart yes?

So we broke up a month ago yesterday. been good days and bad days. He wa stressed/depressed from not being able to get a job and his life in order. He closed himself out from me and our friends and sat inside all day apologizing for being lame and sucking. This lasted like a month and i never left him. He then told me he felt like we were not connecting ( HIs fault i think) tell me if im wrong and that he didn't feel what he thought he should. I didn't understand because things were great before hand connected on all levels even he said so as well as likes etc. Anyway I tried nc rule. He contacted me first week after seeing if i was ok, Same thing with next week and talked about what we were doing that day etc. Just plain random talk. I had sex with him the one time and slept over which booty call theory i thought u didn't. The next week he contacted me again more than once. again just talking random stuff. I initiated a few times in between and its been the same. it continued and flash forward to this weekend. He contacted me Friday night just talkign and joking around. he said i was probably getting it from anyone by now so i went along with it and said yes. The joke went along for a bit until i said i was joking. he never asked me to have sex or anything it was more or finding info it seemed. he said " what you do is non of my business lol" which lol i thought weird. The next he texted asking if i wanted to hang i agreed so i went over. It was playful him tickling me and us play fighting joking and talking. He kissed me and we wound up having sex although its that time of month he was iffy about it but we did. I slept over again and left when he got up for work. Im not sure whats going on. In my heart as cliche as it is i feel like we are not completly over and have a 2nd chance. Could I ask him maybe to grab some food or drinks one time? and next time i see him im goign to tell him how i still feel for him and go from there. IS there any hope for us?
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He is not that type of guy to use people etc. One time he was dating a girl and they stopped seeing each other because he was too nice, so I feel like he's not using mefor sex, but next time i see him i am going to tell him how i feel about him and how i feel when we do if there ever is anything between us again
Can I ask ex to dinner or drinks? I feel like there is a 2nd chance but some say no but in my heart yes?
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