Ex-boyfriend can't take a hint!

It's been a little less than a year since my ex and I broke up. It ended badly, with him using an unnecessary slew of angry phrases towards me. He got over it after a while, and we speak from time to time. But now he tries to get in contact with me several times a day on a regular basis and it's annoying. I ignore him more often than not, but he's pretty relentless. In the past he has used our mutual friends to speak to me on his behalf. How can I get him to back off without being too harsh?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Without being too harsh? Sorry this has gone to the point where you have to be harsh. Tell him frankly not to call you, text you, message you, email you, etc. If he doesn't like that tough luck for him. If he continues to do so after you adamantly told him not to then you need to escalate the matter even further.


What Girls Said 1

  • um w/o being to harsh?-- be harsh and tell him to leave you alone - the last thing you want is for a guy to break up with you treat like like crap, say hurtful words that would hurt your confidence and dignity and then come running back to you and expect you to talk to him - who does he think he is? I'm sorry but my ex did that too me and I was like furious -- I simply ignored him because I wanted to be the bigger person

    I'd say just be the bigger person an ignore him

    if it goes up to the pt in which you are like just annoyed "just write him and e-mail" or just tell him to simply back off and leave you alone -- and if he writes back just ignore him -it's simply a why for him to "get in contact with you" and see if he can still have a chance.


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