Help me get him back when he isn't fully gone (yet)?

We were best friends & then more than that. All summer we were practically living together, had fun, constantly laughing & enjoying ourselves, very happy. I got to know his family, went to family events, hung out with his friends etc.

He went to uni (3hrs away). At first he was like "i miss you, i love you" but he settled back in & started talking less. Weekends were still great together. Conversations became more small talk, or just "i miss you" or "i love you", we didn't talk constantly about everything & anything. Nights together became take out & staying in.

He was home for holidays, went back & went silent. I didn't hear from him for days at a time. He was back this weekend but didn't see me until Sunday, not even a sleepover. I told him how I felt. He said he got scared, we got too serious, we stopped being fun & started being boring. He still wants to be in my life but has backed away so much. He said i did make him happy.

I see where he is coming from, it stopped being easy & exciting & I don't know why.
He loved me & being away made him realise his feelings & that scared him. We got too serious, too fast (he just came out of a bad relationship) & he has pushed me away because of it.

It's very complicated. He is almost treating me like a F*** buddy now. But then some emotion appeared when he said he'd help me sell my car in the holidays, complimenting my flaws, hugs that were too long or kisses goodbye as i left.

I would like to be with him but he isn't ready. I just don't want him to be scared of his feelings & I want to be fun & exciting again. I have started focusing more on my own life rather than on him. I want to bring the fun back, i want to see him happy again, with or without me, i want to get our friendship back. I don't want the last memory of us to be boring & serious.

He finishes uni at the end of the year, I want him back, i don't care if it takes months. I want his smile back. Help me?
Help me get him back when he isn't fully gone (yet)?
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