I give points* Is this a good sign? What do you think of my situation?

Boyfriend left me 2&1/2 months ago and I still love him. He left without reason. He told me he loved me and I went to work a came home to an empty apartment and a text with him saying, "Idk how to tell you this but I moved out. You deserve more" I was devastated and it took me until about 3 days ago to realize why he may have left. I finally talked to a guy I hadn't seen in months and he admitted to lying about hooking up with me to my ex's best friend. I was so hurt. How could he say that? I guess he really liked me, so much that he'd lie. The even more messed up part was my exs best friend dId I also tried to hook up with him. And apparently my ex knew all this. But none of its true. Me and my ex started talking again about a month ago. We miss each other but I don't know if he'll ever date me again.. in fact he said "Idk" when I brought it up. We flirt and he came over to get his stuff and we ended up cuddling and falling asleep kissing and holding each other. It was really hard on me because it felt like we were still together. Then when I found out about this I flipped!! I blew my ex up crying, asking if he believed those lies... as you can imagine it tore me apart to know that lies about me could have been the reason he left. Only problem is, he's the type to shut down. He doesn't communicate his feelings well. And that's what he did. He wanted to know who was "starting shit" of course, I wanted to hear his side first before I told him. Well he never replied and he ignored me for two days. This morning I texted him, snap chatted him and face booked him that I miss him... maybe too much. But he asked me what days I need help moving and he messaged me back on facebook after I messaged him "I miss you 😢😫😣" and he says "Lol really I couldn't tell :)"

Doesn't seem like he's mad... I don't know... I don't know what to do. I love the man. We lived together for two years. He understands me like no one else. 😞 I miss him...
I give points* Is this a good sign? What do you think of my situation?
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