My ex asked to see me, what should I so?

My ex and I split up 4 months ago, on good terms though I suppose, I simply walked away because he wasn't after anything long term and I was. Now however, I have a new boyfriend, we've only been together 2 months. My ex the other day sent me a message on facebook and has asked to see me, since its been 4 months. He didn't really give any other reason that that. I know that my current boyfriend would be hurt and angry if I told him about this, so I haven't mentioned it. I don't really know what to do, because I think I would like to see my ex, as a friend, nothing more than that, and he knows I have a boyfriend and I love him and would never cheat, plus I know he is a good person and would never do that either or try anything inappropriate.
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I told my boyfriend about it, and he was furious and said it was pretty clear my ex was just trying to get sex from me. Now he's all angry and haunted by it even though I said I wouldn't talk to my ex.
My ex asked to see me, what should I so?
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