My ex called to tell me he's getting married?

We dated for a couple months and it was about a year ago. He broke up saying "I don't think we are for each other/we are meant to be together". I accepted and took my distances to get over him. He wouldn't leave me alone, thinking that I could still have him in my life while I was getting over him. He didn't respect my need to be away from him; his behavior almost became harassment, so I cut all ties with him, blocked him, etc. Every now and then, he tried to get back in touch, but I never replied. Last month, he tried again. As I was not feeling tormented about him anymore, I thought it would not be a bad idea to start over AS FRIENDS. We did not talk on a regular basis, but he called me yesterday, out of the blue and told me he had been dating a girl for a month and they were planning in getting married next November. I truly did not care but I was confused at why he would feel like he needed to call to tell me that. He said he had met her even before him and I met, that they had been friends/talking ever since, but I do not recall hearing about her whatsoever (we were best friends before we started dating).
I'm wondering if he is just doing that to cause drama or to test the waters to see if I would eventually still be interested in him. One of my friends told me that he is doing that because he wants to check my feelings for him since he's getting off the market.
What do you guys think of that?
My ex called to tell me he's getting married?
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