How to recover from heartbreak?

Keep yourself busy, yes, but it always feels like there's a little hole in my heart, a void. When good stuff happened in my life, I shared them with her, but now there's no point. She wasn't my girlfriend, but she was a friend enough, but I guess she didn't want to hang around with me anymore.

I've accepted that it's heartbreak. I've accepted that happy memories aren't happy anymore because they're so painful. That's love. But how to recover? What's holding me back is that I don't want her to forget me or not care about me. Dumb, I know, because it makes absolutely no sense. But that's holding me back. Living knowing that there's no talking to her anymore.

And how long should it take?


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  • Time varies, just remember her, and live your day to day life. Go on, make some new friends, one day she'll fade away... and you'll find a new lover.


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  • Meet new people. Get new friends and new romantic interests.


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