My ex is not being shy about wanting me back?

She keeps doing things IN FRONT of her new man, like tie my tie, smell my cologne, notice my muscular gains, my butt and how she loves seeing it moves and all the fun places we went. She even wants me to move in with them and her mom and I'm getting the biggest room in the house with a queen bed. She claims "he has no idea and everything will be okay" but he has to think something and I told her about her actions and her response was "well we did have fun and your body is amazing".

I'll add more background info to help give a better idea of what happened prior to that
We dated for about 6 months, didn't talk for 3, she said she give me what I wanted even though she sent me nude photos after being friends for a while and "doesn't remember that". Then she finds this other guy who moved from the midwest to the north east, quit his job, no car and has not worked since moving in around march 2016 while living with her. Her mom complains to me about how much a burden he's become although he's a nice guy.
I have a few theories in mind, she is totally emotionally conflicted, maybe after seeing the error of her ways she wants to make things right? Maybe because we had so much fun together doing a variety things like go to the park, movies, museums etc etc while they stay at home and drink a lot while he mooches off of everything. Also her mom has some mental issues so I help her out and do stuff around the house and he doesn't assist. So maybe she misses that part about me?


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  • She sounds like a loose promiscuous evil wench. I wouldn't want anything to do with her. She's an ex for a reason dude!

    • I can say she never did this when I was with her, she has some issues and it gets worse when booze is involved and the drinking actually slowed down when we were together.

    • Also I have not done anything to warrant her to act like this at all. I even went out with other girls for a little bit.

  • What? She definitely wants you back, why is she with another guy I have no clue.

    • It's probably a rebound and I brought up the photos things after they were together so that probably isn't helping her mind. The only reason I did that was because honestly I forgot it even happened til I went through my phone one day. And I said to her after making me feel and sound like I was clingy to her friends that "you said you can't give me what I want but you can send these my way". But then her friends took my side on the matter. But we've made up and the way she's acting is odd.

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