Does it make sense to not want to fall for someone?

does it make sense to not want to fall for someone that you have strong feelings for because you don't have time for a committed relationship because you're in college/work full time 6 days a week? especially if you got your heart broken again, you don't think you would ever be able to love someone again


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  • It sounds like an excuse, but maybe it can be a viable reason. depends.


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  • Well if you have college, there's ways to work around that, but eventually you'll be out of it. It's just like people who go to work everyday, they come home to their girl. Now if you got your heart broken, that's normal. Eventually one day you'll overcome that and find someone better.

    I think you'll taking it a little over board, but you can make time. You do have easy classes.

  • tell her how you feel exactly and talk bout possible ways to either get around it or a plan to stay clear of eachother... the second one would be so much harder


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