How to approach a girl you broke up with about 4 month ago that you want to get back together with?

Tried to get her back after 2 weeks of breaking up. She blocked me on Facebook for about a month, then unblocked me. Not sure if she blocked my number or not. She broke up with me because she thinks I'm not sexually attracted to her.
She said she was still attracted to me.


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  • Why do you want her back?

    • I still have feelings for her. I never wanted the breakup. I still think about her everyday. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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    • Well... all you can really do is try one more time and perhaps talk to her about it. If that fails, move the hell on.

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  • Try to get in contact with her. Do not ask right away. I think

  • She doesn't want you. Move on

    • Why do you say that? Exes do get back together. She was still attracted to me she just thought I wasn't attracted to her.

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