She is mad I moved on and made me jealous?

My best friend and I started to have feelings for each other. She even told me that she did and wanted me to bee her boyfriend. After a while she started to back away and when I asked her what's up she tried to friend zone me. I told her no thank you, either we are bf/gf or nothing. But I left on a good tone, we didn't argue but I had to tell her I don't want to go back as friends. Months later we don't speak or see each other. She sees me with another girl. I was shocked, so I said hi to her and chatted but left because I didn't want to make her feel bad or Anything. Then I see her with another guy on a date and she was hugging him. What was funny was everytime he went for the kiss she gave him her cheeks but she still held on him and kept looking at me. I felt jealous but confused. I asked her that I want to meet up but she said she doesn't want to. Then why the hell She wants to get me jealous. It was so Obvious
She is mad I moved on and made me jealous?
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