My ex keeps calling and texting me..why do you think? Guys I could use your help here..

I'm sorry if this is a long one.. my ex and I were on and off for a couple years--dated, barely friends, together again, then good friends . And after being friends awhile, I cut off communication 2-3 years ago. We couldn't really be friends and date other people. (Ex: If we hadn't talked, he would get in touch just to let me know he was dating someone, which I was genuinely happy to hear and told him that, because he would have something to say if I was dating someone, except he wasn't happy for me) So even though he broke things off, it just wasn't worth it. Now for these past couple years he continues to text/call me every month or so, without a single response on my end. And I know he isn't after a hookup cause I'm a virgin, so it isn't an option if he tried lol, but he respected that anyway. And if he's seen my friends or family in the time we haven't spoken, he'll talk to them and then they'll tell me how they saw him or w/e. Of course then he'll have to let me know he saw them too. Would you guys out there consider that more on the sincere or stalker end of the spectrum?, I mean either way he's p*ssing me off and I don't know what to do cause I don't know how to handle it. I don't want to give him the benefit of a response. I feel stuck because I started dating a great guy and want this to be taken care of and he makes me feel like I'm crazy for being so annoyed at this. Am I wrong for not wanting to answer and expecting well over 2 years of ignoring him to get the point?

Just to note - I am not writing this fishing for compliments in terms of getting a bunch of "he loves you" 's because I am wanting to get back with him or anything like that. I just want to know honestly if he sounds (from a guys perspective esp) level headed in his actions. Because I find it hard to talk to the people in my life because they know him and I don't want to talk negative about him to them and yes I'll always care about him on some level, BUT I do feel suffocated not talking about it and at the point where I need to do something if others think he won't get the point. ...I apologize if it is confusing to read!


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  • I know where your coming from, and your probably not going to want to hear it, but in my personal opinion, and I don't know the whole story, but he sounds like he is keeping you there and trying to get back with you because the fact that your still a virgin, he went off, had his fun, now he keeps tabs on you to get back with an "innocent" girl because that's what, in my personal self, to have a virgin that has only had sex with me as my wife. Its wrong he didn't wait with you for that move though unless he wasn't a virgin when you got together. If a man wants it and you don't give it for sooooo long then he will go get it somewhere else, I'm not saying he's right in this case, I'm saying that you very good for keeping strong in your choices. Just keep ignoring him, and please don't hide this from your current boyfriend if you really think he might be the one, it kills a man, and sometimes kills at least a little bit of love and trust if he finds out something his girl has been hiding. He's not so much of a stalker, more of a "i want, I going to get" kind of guy. he probably won't quit either unless you somehow reach him telling him that you don't wanna speak to him and to stop contacting you. If you feel that your boyfriend is the confident type then he'll probably be more than happy to take care of the situation. If this doesn't help then just look online for ways to get your "ex who has a boyfriend back." and see if these are some things he's doing. See if this is his play book and go from there.


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