How to read mixed signals?

A month ago my g/f told me she was going back to her ex and broke up with me after 4 months. 48 hours after telling me could see us married and with children. She and her ex have a 6 year old together. Nothing I could say would change her mind. 3 weeks later she calls me out of the blue to tell me she still loves me, but feels she needs to be with him for family reasons. I ask if she loved him and she says " I don't know how I feel about him". 48 hours later she asks me to stop talking to her so her feelings for me will go away. I do so. A week later she she tells me to feel free to talk to her, calls me "Hun", texting me often, and today gave a really long, lingering hug. I know her well enough to believe she isn't playing games, but feels torn by her decision to go back to her ex for family reasons and she feels she owes him. So do I fight to get her back or do what she asked me to do? Pleas help me make sense of these mixed signals because I've never felt this way about anyone. Thanks
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Humor me for a moment. Lets pretend she isn't keeping me as a side guy and that she is in fact torn between being with me and a promise she made regarding family obligations. What can I do to help her realize she is making a mistake?
How to read mixed signals?
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