She rejected me and is upset at me?

we were best friends, she even wanted me to date her and clearly stated it. so we were dating and then she started to back off. i told her whats up, and she tried to friendzone me. i said no thank you and moved on but said she can come back when she is ready.

months later we bump into each other and she saw me with another girl. i did not get her jealous. she said hi to me and the girl and i then left because i felt uncomofrtable there and didn't want to rub it in her face.

i then see her on a date and she was all over the guy when she saw me but acted like she didn't know i was there. she never kissed him but was being very touchy with him. the guy tried to kiss her on the lips but she kept giving him the cheeks because she didn't have the balls to make out with him in front of me. but she did enough to get a reaction out of me. i tried to be cool about it and went on with my life. i texted her saying i want to take her out and brush up. she dismissed the idea, and tried to get me to argue and even said she never dated the guy (which is crap) and they are just friends.

i didn't try to argue with her and said if she changes her mind about me she should hit me up and i left it at that. why is she trying to get me jealous and not admitting it, when it was so obvious.
She rejected me and is upset at me?
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