Didn't want to be rude but?

Hey guys,

so I recently broke up with my ex boyfriend ( a month ago) and we haven't contacted each other since that time. It was my birthday this past Saturday and he wished me happy birthday and that I hopefully have an awesome day.. I didn't reply even though I was hesitant about it. I'm still hurt about what happened between us and his inability or lack of interest to try to change for the sake of our relationship. Let's say I have a lot of anger towards him (yes, I know.. Not healthy).

So my question is.. Was I wrong in not replying? I know if I wanted to be a classy woman I should've said thanks, and it's just a text wishing me Happy birthday, but it's from the ex. It ticked me off too because it's been a month and this dude hasn't said anything to me about working things out.. I would have been great without his wishes lol


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  • Don't sweat it, it sounds like it wasn't exactly the cleanest of break-ups and your mention of his inability or lack of interest in changing to make the relationship work leads me to believe that getting back together isn't a good idea and hopefully isn't on your list of things to do.
    I would just let it all go and continue moving forward with your life. Maybe he'll take your not replying as a hint that it's over an done with... no contact is always the best idea when a relationship ends (unless there are kids involved), at least for the first 6-9 months. After that it's easier to re-establish communication (if you want to) on a friendly basis, after the wounds from the ending of the relationship have healed and you've each had enough time without each other to become individuals again rather than a couple.

    That's just my opinion based on personal experiences as well as witnessing what happens when friends end relationships in different ways.

    Keep moving forward, don't look back, and don't worry about him.

    • You're right. I just wanted to punch him but I guess that's the reaction he wanted from me and stir up some left over feelings. But meh, I just didn't want to come across as a b****. Thank you though :)

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  • Let Sleeping dogs lie then here, Dear... He knows he is still in the Doghouse and he Smugly thought he would take Advantage of the Chance to drum up a little Romance... This past Saturday.
    He was most likely Missing the Kissing and the His and Her History you both shared. However, With his Boyish Behavior and this Bombshell Breakup, I can Understand how you Might feel with this Man.
    No, You did right Right now. He has to Learn a Little Lesson that you are No Man's Fool nor Door Mat.
    I am not saying that he may have not wanted This time to work things out 'For the sake of our relationship,' When he was trying to Sweet talk his Way that Day on your Special day. It could have been to just a way to get Cozy and things then could have gone back to the "Way We Were."
    However, If ever you feel you might want to Try again, Go slow with Joe and let him Know where he Stands and that you are a new Straw boss that he nearly had Lost.

    • *Good luck. xx

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    • Thank you :))

    • So welcome, sweetie. xxoo

  • i don't' think it's wrong of you to ignore him. He hasn't made an effort to work on things or anything. So I can see how it would be upsetting.

    I have an ex boyfriend who was liking my pictures and stuff I posted, but he never came out and apologized to me for what happened between us. He cheated on me and lied the whole relationship.

    Sometimes you just have to move on without closure. You have to realize that some people are too prideful to apologize and that it's probably better off that you do not try and contact them. Maybe it's better for you to not be with him?

    If he can't even try and work on things with you, then it shows his lack of interest or motivation. Do you really want to be with someone like that?

    • No, that's why I ended the relationship. I was getting frustrated and felt lonely in the relationship. Basically coexisting with each other (which was his definition of a relationship). It just angers me that he has the balls to text me lol

    • I totally get why you are upset. I would be upset too. For you two to break up and then for him to just casually say happy birthday, with no other contact, does seem a bit odd.

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