Didn't want to be rude but?

Hey guys,

so I recently broke up with my ex boyfriend ( a month ago) and we haven't contacted each other since that time. It was my birthday this past Saturday and he wished me happy birthday and that I hopefully have an awesome day.. I didn't reply even though I was hesitant about it. I'm still hurt about what happened between us and his inability or lack of interest to try to change for the sake of our relationship. Let's say I have a lot of anger towards him (yes, I know.. Not healthy).

So my question is.. Was I wrong in not replying? I know if I wanted to be a classy woman I should've said thanks, and it's just a text wishing me Happy birthday, but it's from the ex. It ticked me off too because it's been a month and this dude hasn't said anything to me about working things out.. I would have been great without his wishes lol
Didn't want to be rude but?
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