Ok to tell ex how I still feel for him?

Broke up a month ago. He was dealing with a lot of stress/depressed from no job. he closed everyone out for a good month and hardly went out. I wasn't going anywhere and would never leave someone dealing with a hard time. After the month i got him out things seemed better as he got a temp job for now. Few days later he broke up with me telling me yes he's been dealing with stress etc but also felt like we were not connecting and wasn't feeling what he thought he should. I find funny because before this everything was good we weere happy. He told me how amazing I was and we talked about what we would do in the next few months example get passports. Since breakup he's been initiating contact seeing how I am. Now more than once a week. The 2nd week after break up we wound up having sex. I know shouldn't have. didn't talk for a few days. He then still texted me more than once a week we talked randomly etc. Sometimes it seemed as if he was trying to get info if i was doing things with other people etc. Even when he said " although what you do is non of my business lol" which I found weird. We slept together again this past weekend and both time i slept over. It doesn't feel like we are apart and I feel there is hope for us in the future but no one can ever predict anything. I somehow feel it because we had a great bond and then I don't know what happened. Anyway next time I see him or talk to him is it ok to tell him i still have feelings for him and if I had sex with him it hurts me. To see where we potentially stand together if there ever is hope. I know never go back with them but I just want to see and I guess hear from him considering I felt like we were going to go far.


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  • I understand where you're coming from. I would tell him but not get my hopes up, he may not feel the same.

    • Thanks! I am not trying to I will expect the worst so I dont. I feel if I dont say something then I lose my shot at something ever again. If that makes sense. I have held back previous times with others and I learned not to. at least he will know how I still feel about him, how I feel when we had sex and where I stand with him.

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    • Exactly! try my luck out and see what happens

    • You know I meant motto.. I really hate auto correct... Anyway I wish you the best of luck..

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  • You can tell him but don't get your hopes up that the feeling is mutual

    • Thanks! I mean I would think he would know if i still did or not. Like i said it just sucks how one day we were good the next day he was stressed and then this. I feel like its better to say something then to keep your feelings bottled up and risk nothing happening. I have had that happen before and it sucks

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