A very close friend rejected me and now is jealous?

we were very close friends for years. she wanted me to date her and it just happened. she later backed away and then gave me the "lets just be friends" speech.

i told her "no thank you, if you want something more hit me up."

i went no contact, deleted her from my facebook and instagram. she then started posting sad love stuff. i don't know whether it was to me or someone else. i confronted her about it and said if we can't be nothing more than i don't want anything else.

and she even said "i would never be more than friends with you but i hope you have a good life, i really do"

months later, sees me at a bar with another girl and she is very nice, we chat and i leave right away because i didn't want to make her think i was getting her jealous. then i bump into her with a group of people and she started hugging the guy. the guy was trying to kiss her but she didn't let him but she was trying to make me jealous.

i thought she was trying to get me jealous because she wanted me. so i asked her out for drinks and she was really upset at why i didn't want to be friends. she even said the guy she was with was only a friend and she doesn't like me either.

well then why the hell was she trying to get me jealous that night. it was so obviousssssssss even my friends with me kept saying "man she is looking at you and trying to get a reaction."


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  • She wants you to still pine over her


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  • She misses your attention, you hurt her ego


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  • she's trying to tell you she doesn't want you but you're not getting it. even if she was trying to make you jealous she sounds serious about not wanting to get with you. girls don't turn down guys we like. end of story leave her be you're better than her find someone who can appreciate you and treat you right. nothing good will come of this girl

    • I disagree. She even told me he is just a friend. She is upset that she saw me with another woman and moved on. She was posting sad comments aboit love. I think she was surprised that I moved on so quickly , so she wanted to get me jealous to see if I still had feelings for her.

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