Self conscious about scar? female advice appreciated

i have a huge scar across the back of my head from an auto injury about 5 years ago. also, I shave my head cause I'm receding a little and I think it just looks better, but it shows this crazy big scar across the back of my head...I'm always a little self conscious about it, but I'm wondering how much this would matter to yous...


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  • Not at all! In fact, it sounds kind of bad ass. ;) Just be cool about it, it's part of who you are now, and this sort of confidence about it will win you points.

    At the very least, it's a conversation starter!

  • Well... I think if a girl really likes you, it won't matter. Looks aren't everything. You are probably a great guy and if you find the right girl she will see that. Plus, it's the back of your head... Usually a girl is looking at your face... Personally I don't really mind... It's just a scar... It's what's inside that counts! Don't worry!


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