Why is he still messaging me?

My ex boyfriend and I were together for a year and a half. During that time he lied frequently, manipulated my emotions, forced me into sexual things that I was not comfortable with, cut me off from friends, and self harmed to make me feel bad for him. I broke up with him over a year ago. It was a really messy split. He spread rumors (we were seniors in high school) that I had been cheating on him for months, that I had hooked up with multiple guys on school property, he slept with numerous underclassmen to "get back at me", and told a mutual friend that he hoped my dad "bites the dust after calling [her] out for being a whore". After I confronted him, he denied everything and tried to maintain contact with my mom to check up on me. He's messaged me on Facebook a couple of times to give condolences when my father passed away, to wish me a happy birthday, just last week to say he hopes I had a great freshman year and a wonderful summer, and a few more times as well. I haven't responded to him before, I haven't talked to anyone that I know is still associated with him, so why does he think I want to talk to him? Why would he keep trying to be a part of my life?
Why is he still messaging me?
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