Can I win my ex girlfriend back?

My girlfriend decided that we don't belong together and it's a long distance relationship we have been together since 1 year and three months we had a fight through Skype I said a lot of mean things and it was just 5 days before I fly to see her for three months and after two days off trying to win her back she said that she is not changing her mind and she doesn't want to be in any relationship right now. During the second night of Skyping she said that maybe I should fly to he to say good bye the proper way and I agreed with her so she said that first she need to sleep over it first so in the morning she asked me if I respect her decision... So I answered yes so she said that I can come for a week and we can Skype in the afternoon. Is there any chance for me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • What a stupid thing to do if she doesn't want to date you anymore (her behaviour). She wouldn't ask you to go if she didn't want you to change her mind.

    • So should I go?

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    • Don't pressure her. Even if she still loves you, she might not want to date you and you have to respec that, seriously.

    • I will take my chances

What Guys Said 2

  • If you think it's worth it and would regret not trying to win her back. I say go for it.

    • This is what I am going to do
      She said that we should talk about it when I come.

    • I hope everything goes well for you. At least you can say that you tried and gave it 100%

  • If you have to win her back it's usually not worth it. You can find women near you that you will be able to see every day.


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