Do you ever still think about your first love?

My first love and I broke up around 3 years ago. We dated for about 4 years. I was her first for everything. We broke before and got back together but it soon ended. (She got a rebound and had sex with him) I went out and talked to other girls as well. Then after we completely broken up she started dating someone else. I waited and finally started dating again. She caught wind and became jealous (about 2 years ago) anyways.

We finally broke all contact soon afterwards. Then recently she followed me on Tumblr. I didn't realize it for a couple days, as soon as I followed back she blocked me. Then all of sudden I started seeing her tweets on my feed. She unblocked me on Twitter. (She would always block me on social media.) Anyways I check up on her social media every blue moon to see how she is doing. I've dated a few girls since that time, but nothing that lasted more than 6 months. Anyways, she's been with a guy for about a year now. I'm happy for her but I wonder if she still thinks about me from time to time. Thoughts?
Do you ever still think about your first love?
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