Name your best crazy ex stories! Do you have any psycho ex bfs, gfs, wives or hubbys?

My best friend recently started dating after her she caught her ex hubby cheating last year. He followed her to the restaurant she and new guy went to and smashed his truck up with a sledgehammer! So name all your best crazy ex stories for us to laugh at and feel a little intimidated and scared of lol!


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What Guys Said 1

  • The worst I had was probably a girlfriend who used to regularly (about once a month) do what I called 'timberwolfing' after a friend who had a timberwolf as a pet. Most of the time the wolf was like a dog but about once a moth he'd have to wrestle with it until it was tired and grab it by the throat to establish dominance

    Anyway this girl would just get completely out of line, usually by making some completely unwarranted demand on me and when I stood my ground through the storm she'd want to have wild animal sex right away.

    After one of these episodes she said. "I don't blame you, if I were a guy i wouldn't take any of this shit off women either".


What Girls Said 1

  • I had one ex that continued to text me and call me for a year after we broke up. After I blocked his number, he started doing it from a different number. Creep.


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