One day you are so into your SO and then the next poof, you aren't. Could it be the stress and his continued actions mean there's still hope?

Before breakup things were great. We connected on every level, had fun with one another and expressed same interests hopes for future etc. Met each others families everything. He was my dream guy that I finally found someone who I could grow with as well as he too. He told me how amazing I was and how lucky he was to have me etc. Used to text a lot go out etc. I knew he didn't have job but was looking. March he still wasn't able to find anything so he fell stressed and depressed. He closed everyone out for a good month. I barely saw him, the texts took hours as he watched tv or played games all day. He thought little of himself said he was lame and sucked etc. He finally got a temp job until summer. Then few days later he broke up with me. He said it wasn't me and it was him. He was stressed and during that time he thought a lot. He thought these things were something the stress was putting in his head but I don't know. He said he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and felt like we werent connecting. ( his fault) Anyway since the break up he has been contacting me started off once a week to see how I was and then went to more than once a week.
I talked although still upset I thought maybe this is good he's contacting me first. I contacted him a few times first too. Convcersations like just what we were doing etc random stuff. Sometimes it felt like he was trying to get info out of me like see what i was doing. We did have sex twice since breakup. Once 2 weeks after and then once last weekend. I don't want to say he is using me for sex because he's not like that and I like to give benifit of doubt. I hope he's not, and I hope there's another shot between us. We have too much to just give up on. How can one day you be all into your girlfriend and then the day this? Could it have been the stress what cause this? him needing to be a supplier? we always took turns paying and he liked that.
I have not talked to him in like 4 days. The next time I hang with him or talk to him I think I am going to express my feelings for him still and see what is going on because i am still hurt but obviously want to know. Everyone thought we would be together for a long time even his family. I just think he's scared and needs to get his life in order as he told his bff with job etc. Ugh!


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  • He isn't scared, where do you women come up with that ridiculous lame excuse? He's using you for sex and you're allowing it. You'll never be what you want so get out and move on


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