Why did my ex act like this?

We've been broken up for over a year it was he's choice, but he's been contacting me throughout the whole time. Sometimes he'll go a few weeks without talking to me. So recently he went 3 weeks without talking to me and I was heartbroken all over again because things were going great.

Then yesterday morning when I was checking my email I see a text from him saying "hey call me silly" but it was sent at 1 am, then he text me at 2 am saying "is this... and then my name" and then he called at 3 am, but I was asleep. So I text him "yes it's me, sorry I was asleep" and he text me back 5 hrs later "can I call you" and "?" But was busy and responded 1.5 hours later and he has not responded, and that was yesterday. Also right before he stopped talking to me he went on a date and told me all about how they have so much in common and also that she wanted to sleep with him.

Why did my ex act like this?
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