How do I forget my ex?

I know she really liked me and probably still feels something for me, but she put her on stuborness and dignity faar above our relationship.

I do think she's a good girl and she isn't up to anything bad (hopefully) that's why I didn't want to forget her until now. She shares some sad statuses ocasionally on facebook (but they probably aren't for me).

Before we broke I just saw that she was losing interest (in my opinion). She wasn't writing anymore (as if I had to do everything). So I blocked her for 2 days without telling her anything.

We did see eachother after that. I was talking to a friend of mine and she passed behind me without coming to talk or something, then a bit down the road she was parting with a friend of hers and I looked at her from behind and passed her.

After I unblocked her we talked for a bit and she said I passed her by that's how she know we broke up. I asked why she didn't ask me why I did that and she answered that she was going to but 2 days after we passed eachother by (after we broke up basically) a friend of hers saw me with some girl and she didn't find a point in asking. Tho If she really wanted to be with me she wouldn't have let me go so easily. My conclusion is that she just found an excuse to not be with me and isn't interested anymore. It'll be for the better if i just forget her. How would I proceed?


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  • Continue w u th the girl she saw you with/dating... and don't contact the other girl again


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  • not even 18 years and complains about ex's


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