Do you ever really get over your first love?

I loved him and it's been a month since he left. I sobbed for a week when it happened and I was depressed. A month later I still find myself caring about him and certain songs, foods, etc remind me of him. I can't look at other guys without comparing them to him and I don't wanna date anyone else. We never even dated, we were just friends and I fell in love with him and never told him but I think he knew because when we said goodbye I cried and told him I'd miss him. I'd do anything to hug him again. I still tear up thinking about him. He doesn't really talk to me now. I think because he was creeped out that I liked him. Will I ever really get over him? How long does it take? I never want to fall in love again because I never want to go through this a second time.
Do you ever really get over your first love?
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