Moving out after five years?

Me and my boyfriend have been together 5years in July. He is 27 I am 26. We both currently live with our parents separately but looking to buy a house. We got mortgage approval and viewed 2 houses already. A week after we saw the mortgage advisor he got told he might be getting made redundant. House hunt on hold. They think it will be someone else in his team. Since the announcement though he barely speaks. I tend to look at a firm like I am a number whereas he feels irreplaceable, As he has looked at working elsewhere due to redundancy I said it might be good to keep the communication lines open as some of the offices are closer and require no travel so would be better for money and our r/ship. His current job is at least an hour away by car and he is away weeks on end. Inthink if something else's did come up he should consider it. He took the comments quite immaturely. I try to not make it a big deal and get on with my own career etc but it can be lonely at times especially when I see people settle down. His not allowed to stay at my house due to parents rules. I can't stay at his house as his dad just has an op for the fourth or so time. Literally sex life is suffering/intimate time. Anyway last night he said he doesn't know if he loves me anymore and doesn't know if he wants to break up and doesn't know what to do about anything. Also doesn't think he is ready to move out and wants to stay at home. His nearly 28! He literally told me an hour before he did love me. I have a massive deposit saved but not sure I want to just give up on us. I think he has been away a lot recently which is causing some arguments naturally and with no intimacy at all.. I am wondering if I should rent for a year to focus on myself and if he wants to move in etc then he does when he is ready then buy a house gradually once he is used to the idea. Literally everyone in his life is a drip and I think he is listening to others. What at do you think I should do?
Moving out after five years?
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