Co parenting! I need to know if I'm in the wrong?

So here is the thing, my daughter told me this month that she is being touched in her no no spot (by another child who is 4 and she is 5) while her father is golfing and fishing, and also at school by another little boy (her age) She goes over there for 2 days every 2 weeks. (We don't have any custody established yet) I did file a report with the police because I didn't know if it was the child or an adult. I called her father the next day and told him what was said and he called my daughter a lier!! So she had an appointment with some counselors and they agreed that something happened. Her father called me that same night and said really you got the cops involved, it started off with how his nephew couldn't do that because he's younger then her and this and that, then went into how big of a bitch a am and how stupid I am. Basically he called me to tell me how big of a piece of shit a am. My daughter heard everything and her father calling her a lier and then took back what she said happened, I am getting my daughter into counseling, and I am not letting her see or talk to her father until we get it settled in court am I wrong for doing that? He keeps calling and I keep telling him she doesn't need negativity from him or his family and they don't need to be treating her different for what was said. Am I wrong?
Co parenting! I need to know if I'm in the wrong?
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