What does he want?

Please no immature answers nor say he wants me for sex because I know he respects me too much for that to happen. My ex and I broke up 3 months ago and we were on off and on phases but were never officially back together. During the past 2 months, one night he exchanged an I love you to me after an outing together and we've met up 4 times since our break up and we were kissing, hugging, cuddling, and doing what couples do. One night, I asked him what were we and he said I'll always be around and I care for you, and we're going to be back together once you finish your education because ever since we got together, and according to him, my focus was more on the relationship (I knew it was true). I know he isn't the type to do this to his other ex girlfriends and I know he means what he says because he's pretty straight up with his thoughts and he's proven me wrong so many times when I thought the total opposite. I don't know what's going on here so please help and I appreciate your time (:


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  • Perhaps he feels like he is interfering with your education now, as he knows how important it is to you. He wants you to succeed and doesn't want to be a distraction right now.

  • If you say you know he means what he says and what he says is what he wants then what exactly are you asking?

    • I'm just so confused because one day here's here then the next day we don't talk then it's off and on. When I said I know what he means, I meant I know he keeps his word.

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