Should I send nice pictures to my ex or not?


I am not native English...

8 months ago my ex and me broke up...
I have some nice pictures of my ex on the beach.
Together we pose and we look very happy. This are the best pictures from us together and she doenst have them. Maybe i just want her back and want too show her that i was very happy and that she was happy too. Smiling and love watching. That i am a positve person. Because we were together for 7 months and at that time i was unemployed and in therapy. Now i work and have a goal in my life. We could talk very well and we look like each other, but i have a more positve attitude than she think.
The thing is: she made a lot of pictures and she sent me all of her pictures from our holiday in Italy. But i seemed on that pictures not so happy, i look very serious and not spontaneous. The reason was that i didn't work. I dont want too look desperate because im absolutely not. I am a christian guy and i want to do what is right. I dont want to look weird. Should i send the pictures or not? ... just pictures from a fun day out on the beach and looking happy.


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  • I don't see why not

  • i think it's fine.
    just send them and say "just found these" or something casual


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