My ex says that he isn't good enough for me, but acts as if he wants me back?

Two weeks ago my ex (19 y. o) and I (18 y. o) broke up but without any word. we simply stopped talking without any apparent reason. i tried calling a couple times but he didn't answer. a few days later he talked with my best friend, who was also a friend of his, telling her that he didn't see himself as good enough for me and that I deserved better because I was an awesome girl etc and that he also needed some space because we see each other too often as we are in the same university..
i understood that he probably only wanted to end the relationship in a way where he wasn't the bad guy so I just tried forgetting about him and move on.
but the problem is that after this he started texting another one of my close girl friends saying things like "did she forget me? she is an awesome girl take care of her.."
her:" what about you, did you get over her?"
him:"honestly no"
her:"well then what are you waiting for? you should get her back"
him:"i'm not good enough for her, she deserves better"
when she asked why he told her that he'll explain that later. besides all this, all of my friends keep telling me to go talk to him because he is way too depressed and started smoking (he quit when we were together) and that I needed to do something because he is always looking at me with sad eyes from afar whenever i'm smiling or laughing with friends. but i really don't know what I am supposed to do because he was the one that stopped answering my texts and phone calls at that moment. any explanations?


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  • He sounds confused as hell.

    If he wanted to end it.. what I dont get is

    1. why didn't he tell you to your face instead of friends

    2. why is he still asking about you and making puppy sad faces when he sees you.

    I am beginning to wonder if he was forced to end it or some other reason because his reasons make no sense along with the behaviour.

    • I'm confused too. today he talked with the same friend he texted before and told her that he had to end things with me because my classmates tease me etc.. it's so annoying that he didn't say these things to me because it's not bothering me at all. i have no idea how he knows this, and the same goes with the fact that he knows every single thing i wear or does each day since we broke up but pretends to not care.
      when my friend asked him if he will go back with me, he said that he's planning to talk to me next week after he finishes his final exams. and so when we both will be on summer vacation.

    • "he broke up with you because your classmates tease you"? like WTF?

      Thats not good enough. Maybe you can wait until next week comes to see what he would say to you. He needs to man the F*** up.. seriously...

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