She broke up with me but lied about why (pictures)?

She broke up with me but lied about why (pictures)?
She said her mom told her to break up with me
Then said she didn't want her mom to know about us...

I dont get it?
I didn't do anything wrong?


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  • I don't understand how her grandmother is connected to you breaking up and why she did it in text message but who knows why, doesn't sound like she's quite bummed to be honest

    • I mean that would be the best time to have someone

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  • Pretty terrible lie, simple fact she's a young girl... she is with someone else/is pursuing someone else and she came up with this b movie type breakup explanation that has more plot hokes than a horribly written movie.

    • Yeah i asled her if she was getting back with her ex she said "no"
      That was it...

    • thanks for the MhO

    • Welcome

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  • lol, she's sounds like a lying heifer. Who cares why she did it? If I were you, I'd just be glad you don't have to deal with that psycho.

    • I just couldnt believe that happened
      I woke uo to it...

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    • she's 15 im 16 she was actually my first

    • Like I said, RUN AWAY

  • It doesn't matter why at this point. What's important is that she didn't want you :(

    • I dont see what i did wrong
      In the beginning she did mention her ex breaking up witj her for another girl

      And she's the one who asked me out i dont see why shed do this if her intentions were to get back with him once she had the chance

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