Do players usually realize what (nice girls) they let go at some point?

Do players usually realize what (nice girls) they let go at some point?

Question pretty much says it all.


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  • First let me start off by saying if you deem yourself to be a "nice" girl, and the guy you want is a "player", chances are its not really going to work out because you want a relationship whereas he just wants to put it in as many holes as possible. In the end you will just get hurt, and worse than that you will struggle to form a bond with another person because at the back of your mind you will be thinking "I wonder if he has realised what he let go yet".

    I look back on some of the girls I have dated and think "yeah, she was really nice, I wish I got more serious with her", BUT just because i think this it doesn't mean I would drop everything and come running back to your arms if given the chance.

    As we all know looks are important. Harsh but true. If you are nice, but others girls I have been with are hotter, then it would make me think less about you as I feel my "league" is higher.

    As I said at the start, if you have contrasting wants then its best you leave things in the past and move on to something new.

    • Damn that was actually perfectly answered
      so basically once they no longer just want "to stick it in anything", they don't regret using/ not trying as hard as they could have with someone who was good for them, they just go from there?

    • correct

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  • Sooner or later, yes. It usually takes a bit of heartache of their own to really wake up and realize what they’ve done. They don’t usually fully comprehend what they’ve done until they fall for someone like them whom they actually trust and that person smashes their heart in a million pieces, sets it on fire, then takes a big steaming sh*t all over it. But typically by then, the woman they left has moved on and found true love within a better man.

    My best friend’s husband’s good friend is going through this right now and he’s a real mess.

    • LOOOOOL I love your description, but yes they have to be put through the same situation to understand and learn from it I guess

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  • Yes they do. They actually brag about all the nice girls that they have used. Anyone can sleep with the town whore, but to have a long list of nice girls that they won over does far more for their ego. So they do realize it, they just don't care the way you want them to.

    • wow.. but when it comes to actually trying to find a nice girl that they want to be with, do they have as much chance?
      mind you the players I have in mind aren't the most attractive and their future is questionable

    • They have a huge chance. A player has many of the qualities nice girls want. Which is how they get so many nice girls to begin with. They have looks, confidence, game, etc. All he has to do is blame all his past relationship failures on his ex's, and the woman believes what she wants to believe. It even makes her feel more special if she thinks he changed just for her, but wouldn't for any other woman. While a lot of women claim they don't want to date players, they clearly are very attracted to them, or the guy couldn't be a player even if he wanted to be.

    • very true, I guess if they only want the physical part of a relationship, the ones that wanted more and complained are just considered a problem and can move on easily

  • Yeah they do, but for most of them there's a reason they let them go - it's because they've found a nicer (better) girl.

    • true, or they just don't want a relationship

    • Hmm, most of the time girls misunderstand "players", they do want a relationship, just with the RIGHT girl for them. The one's that get tossed aside then think they're assholes because they were not *that* girl, even when they believed they'd be the one to tame him.

      Although you're right you do get the odd guy who just doesn't want a relationship altogether and just uses girls for fun.

    • yep, I think it was a bit of both.
      his friends warned me about him and to be fair, he's young, 18, so I can understand why he may not want anything serious right now

  • Not until it's too late usually. Teenaged guys aren't planning on giving up their player lifestyle anytime soon. They're just getting started. Better to move on and cut your losses because you can't change a player. Only they decide when they're done. Which usually isn't until they start getting older.

  • Some do , some dont. Some dont care, some regret.


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  • I can't imagine them thinking that way. Players only care about themselves. They have no regard for the girls' feelings. They are manipulative too. Manipulators rarely, if ever, have regrets, because their manipulation tactics lead them to what they want

    • sad, but true :(

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    • Unfortunate*

    • same, people rush that stage just to get to the physical part. Shame that fun, new and exciting part has less value :/

  • I'm sure they do. I'm pretty sure I know of one guy who wishes he hadn't let me go and regrets it.

    • That must be nice to know 'cuz they act as tho it doesn't matter or that they can get them back later, nope

    • Yeah, it'd be nice to know if it weren't so annoying to know. I want him out of my life, not keeping tabs on me.

    • oh, well that's kind of creepy

  • I hope they do so.

  • I sure hope so.


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