Why does my douche bag ex boyfriend still hang out near me at work?

the awkward part about the end of my relationship with my ex boyfriend is that we work together (unfortunately). every time i am calling for help (unfortunately again) he always answers my calls.
i rather avoid him and have nothing to do with him.
he dumped me, said quite a few rude things about my family, embarrassed me at work, is racist and has racist members in his family etc.
he acts like nothing happened. and has the balls to come and stand close to me.
i back away.
even at work he once said 'i don't give a shit if you don't talk to me'
and he still hasn't been fired.
so should i quit this job that doesn't care about the situation?
i have a boyfriend and have been with him 3 months now but the work situation is awful, depressing , demoralizing and ridiculous.
I don't want to be in contact with him and don't want to see his face.
he has been acting odd and overly friendly. he knows i have a boyfriend and i just want him to back off and i don't want to talk to him. he always seems close to where i work and it bothers me.


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  • It seems with an "EX" who is Not only Marking an X in your own Softie Spot here, dear, He is Throwing Daggers and Digs your Way every Day as it gets More and More Uncomfortable from 9-5, No jive. And the Time clock will keep Ticking with this lame Duck a Dicking. Believe me, He is Gloating.
    Perhaps with the rest from the Best Start you have going on now in your Life, You certainly don't need the Strife. You have a new SO and with this Other, He will only Continue to Bash and Bother you because he knows with Working together, The Better to Taunt you, my dear.
    I think perhaps with your Experience and Brains, You could get an even Better job Anywhere with No Awkwardness, And with a little Input and Effort on your own part You could be swarming to Interviews in no time Flat Fast.
    However, for Now, Somehow, Try and stay clear of him Until the door closes at Five, And don't let him get to You... This Tormentor is a Sore Sport with always a Retort, So don't give him the Satisfaction of Letting him get to you by any Reply to this Sly Guy.
    He just wants a Rise out of you and probably wishes you could Wiggle your Way on over to the Water cooler too.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I agree with the one dude who said to tell your new boyfriend to fuck him up. That's what I'd do if I was your boyfriend. Of course, you can always find him outside of work and kick his nuts.

  • Tell your new guy to fuck him up

  • If you really like your job, you can contact human resources and file harassment charges against him. But I suggest you look for a different job. Also be careful. I knew someone who made a lot of enemies, and someone would always damage her car.


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