Friends after rejection?

This guy I talked to for a while declared his love for me but I told him that I don't feel the same. I then started kind of ignoring him because I felt REALLY uncomfortable around him and he pointed out that I was acting weird and I told him that I want to stop talking to him so he can move on but he always insisted on talking to me. This happened about 4 times and he always guilted me into talking to him (with what my gut was telling me seemed like lies) and then one day we argued about it a bit and he really tried to make me feel bad and I told him "I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry" and then completely I cut my contact with him because I just wanted to get away.

When I saw him again in class I was talking casually with someone else and he kept sayinh "she's all fun but then she'll start ignoring you" and I (stupidly) reacted and said "this is exactly why" and then he said "well if you're gonna be a bitch to me then I'll be a right bastard back because I can really be one when I want to" and i've just kept ignoring him ever since.

do you think I made a good decision of ignoring him to show him that I don't want to talk to him anymore?

and do you think he's taking anger out on me because he's hurt?


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  • Nope won't work for me. If love her it would hurt to be around her. We can't be friends if I feel more for her.

    • Exactly!! I thought he'd feel like that but he is so persistent and won't leave me alone!

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    • to be honest, i´ve only just read what you said about him xD he´s an asshole. go on ignoring him and if he does stuff like this again, just tell him that no girl will ever like him, if he behaves like that.

      i mean you go through a phase of "fuck you bitch" after you got rejected but if you are a decent human being, you don´t make her suffer from it. he´s just pissed cause he was rejected and doesn´t know how to deal with it.

      if you want to do it in a nice way, tell him that you can´t handle a guy having feelings for you while you feel nothing for him and this is why you don´t want to have contact anymore.

    • Hahah xD thanks for the help!

  • You should rather still have contact to him, but the cold kind, that will make him realize the situation.

    • But I kind of tried doing that and he kept bringing up old stuff like he's trying to make me change my mind and it makes me seriously uncomfortable. Any advice?

    • You could pretend like you REALLY REALLY ( ;) ) try to understand him, but you don't, and that could make him doubt his goal of changing your mind

    • True, but I just don't want to talk to him like that again because I feel like he's managed to control me those times where I went back to talking to him. If he contacts me again I'm probably going to tell him to just leave me alone. Thanks for the help!

What Girls Said 1

  • Yea he's hurt


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