Girls, Why has she started doing this?

Me and some girl always used to see each other on way home from work but never say a word for months. We would just stare on and off and she would look me up n down and same to her. I would notice she would copy what I do like the way I look at people etc etc. Then I didn't see her for 4 months as I had an accident. So now I started work again I only see her once a month as I do overtime. When she sees me she always stares from a distance. But now she always says hi like everytime she will walk past I will look at her passing she will go abit red smile and say hi. So why before my accident when I seen her everyday would she not say hi then? But now she sees me once every 2 weeks she says hi everytime. She doesn't say hi to others either. Just wondering if I should be drag a little convo out like say hi you ok? When she says hi. I work full time. And run my own buisness so work like 100 hours + I'm usually not in the mood for any talking but I might make exceptions


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  • Was is your question exactly? To me it sounds like she liked you and she probably missed seeing you at work for 4 months. In that time, she probably grew the confidence to say hi. If you like her, it's your chance to make something happen! Talk to the girl!

    • Just why she gone from not saying hi to saying hi All the time after not seeing me for months I don't work with her I just used to see her after work on my way home

    • Okay gotcha! It still applies! She likes you and wants you to talk to her and get her number!

    • Ok thank you

  • Yea ask how she's doing seems to me as she likes you so talk to her. It may be worth it who knows!


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