He broke up with me, how do I take him back? (please read the text I know its long by the way :( ?

this guy and I started our relationship for about 4 months ago and have been friends for about a year.
we were very good together and nothing was wrong everybody admired us, but suddenly out of nowhere he broke up with me and I'm still shocked.
a week before that he told me he was very busy with work and family stuff, he replied to my texts a little longer than usual but every time he apologized and he seemed really sorry about that and it was ok since he already told me he was going to be busy that week.
2 days ago we finally could make time to meet, everything was normal and we had slept together and we were cuddling then i realized he was thinking to something and he looked distracted i asked but he said he was just tired.
a few minutes after, he said "i have something to tell you please dont get mad, we can't be together anymore" i was really shocked and he said his parents are getting divorced and his sister and his mother aren't in a really good situation right now and he is the only one who can help them emotionally thats why he's been a little unavailable right now and he doesn't want me to get involved in this and he said he loved me and he didn't want to play with my heart.
his parents always had issues and
i think thats not the reason he left me, i texted him and asked whats the real reason and he said thats the real reason there isn't anything else!
what should i do? i want him back! :(


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  • He really is distracted by his family issues right now and he truly doesn't want to hurt you. He still cares a lot, he just feels so overwhelmed right now with responsibility of keeping his family happy and all you can do is be supportive. I think he will come back around, but just let him know you are sad about this and miss him but you will can understand and will be there for him. He will appreciate you being understanding and being there for him during this hard time and you will look even better in his eyes for it and he will come back around and want to be with you again. Good luck!


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  • hehehe... "whats the real reason"... smart. I thought the same thing too... seems like he's lying through his teeth, using someone else as an excuse to split.
    You said 2 days ago after a romping session, he seemed distant... are you sure it wasn't just horrible sex? because I've had that distant look before after just mind numbingly bad sex, but in my case, i don't hesitate to blurt out how terrible it is.

  • Wait sometime and do no contact rule,
    if he really loves you he will reach you out one day.


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  • I think you should move on. It's hard but I've been there a few times. You can do it! From the sounds of it, he's not into you anymore and he's just giving you lame reasons.


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