How can I prepare for this breakup?

I have no friends right now. I just got a new job and try to open up to people there and will continue to, but I'm naturally introverted which seems to turn people away at first. My boyfriend and I are basically breaking up or are going to very soon and I'm terrified because he's my best friend and I depend on him for everything. Without him I'll be totally alone.

What can I do to healthily be happy and move on? I don't want to feel crushed and alone.


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What Guys Said 1

  • "I don't want to feel crushed and alone."

    You will. And as long as you keep running away from being on your own you will always feel alone the moment you aren't able to depend on someone else. But you know how you get through that? You challenge yourself towards it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Acceptance is the way forward, after that things start to get a little easier, the more you run from it the harder you make it for yourself, face it head on no matter how scared and alone you feel, in the long run you will feel empowered and find strengths within yourself you never knew you had and feel much better, you are stronger than you know, but if you keep depending on another to help you feel better, you will never know just how strong on your own you really are, take baby steps to build up yourself confidence, then and only then will you find your wings and the courage to fly, good luck.


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